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the headquarters in the northwest. we'll have more coming up on "good morning america" here at 7:00. >>> 6:15 right now. preschool and kindergarten teach you how to write. >> then came along cursive. why that style of writing seems to be going away in the classroom. >>> crooks steal vehicles all the time. the naked truth about one suspect and the decision police made about arresting him. >>> first, the latest business news this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we begin with the white house job summit. president obama says he'll hold a summit next month to look for ways to jump start job growth. the president will invite ceos and economic experts. the investment came after a report showed 8 million people filed. it's not low enough to indicate job growth. >>> mcdonald's will be doing some hiring next we're. the burger chain will open 1,000 new restaurants next year. 150 of them will be in the u.s. apple expects to open as many as 50 new stores next year, focusing on big stores in major cities. about half will be in the u.s. >>> a new rule will make it harder for banks to charge large
involving up to 35,000 u.s. forces. more on this on "good morning america" at 7:00. >>> friends and family said a final goodbye to a fort hood soldier killed in the shootings this month. juanita warman was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery yesterday. she was a military physician assistant and helped military cope with the strain of deployment. she was getting ready for her own deployment to iraq. she worked in the perry point medical center in cecil county. >>> a special honor for a fallen fbi agent killed in the line of duty. the baltimore fbi field office is officially renamed the sam hicks building. more than 200 people gathered for the ceremony yesterday afternoon. hicks was killed last november while serving for a warrant in an indiana township in pittsburgh. >> fbi and these four walls today stand unyielding because sam and hundreds of other agents and police officers before him laid the foundation for which they stand. >> hicks' widow and 3-year-old son helped unveil the plaque in the building. >>> 6:07. it's the first of a kind law in the country and one step closer t
in central america, then re-emerged, off the coast of cancun when it was a hurricane yesterday. winds increasing from 90 to 105 miles per hour. it passed halfway between cancun and cuba and now it's re-emerged into the gulf of mexico and it's sitting roughly 375 miles to the south of pensacola, florida, where it may make landfall overnight tonight. it has weakened from 105 mile-per-hour winds down to 90 and we'll show you our forecast track in a moment. that was cancun as the busy resort just escaped a glancing blow. back outside, 41 degrees now, we hit the dew point. looks like more widespread fog this morning, otherwise sunshine developing. we have to deal with two systems. one, this band of clouds you're about to see approaching from the west. that is our cold front. that extends all the way to the gulf coast which catches us to another wave of low pressure off the texas shoreline and then we've got this one, if you can see it at the bottom of the screen, the radar just picking up on the outer edge rain bands of ida. there's two systems across the gulf coast we're going to watch i
of $101 million worldwide. coming up on "good morning america," a massive meat recall was issued over the weekend. is e. coli spreading again and how can you protect yourself? that is on gma and that is your money scope report. i'm vnita niar. >>> good morning. it's monday p and 6:25. the sun is coming up shortly. but we're blocked by a lot of clouds. it will be bright out there. 54 degrees. remaining mostly cloudy and extra sun may slip through north and west in baltimore. 40 overnight and back to 60 and another cloudy day and overnight lows slipping into the 30s. we'll get into the mid-50s and actually drop lower, even though dry air to be expected friday into the weekend. we could have your first freeze of the weekend as well. >>> as we look here at 250 and 97, traffic is moving fantastic in both directions. i'm getting word of a new crash here in northbound 95 at 195. so use caution. in howard county, eastbound 132 approaching 95, that crash is being reported as car versus deer. you may experience minor delays as crews are late lifting this construction project and emergency crews
america," our financial advisors go back to school to give college students advice for managing their money. that's on gma. that's your money scope report. i'm vinita nair. >>> 6:24, friday morning. purple friday. you will feel a little cold this morning. temperatures mid-30 to around 40. this afternoon's going to stay chilly. 50 is an optimistic two degree guaranteed high. hard freeze overnight at 27. that includes places around the bay and eastern shore. as far as tomorrow's concerned, we'll get back to 57, sunny to partly cloudy. more sun on sunday will push us to 64. that's our pick of the weekend. upper 60s on monday and tuesday with afternoon showers knocking us back into that 55 to 60 degree range for wednesday and thursday. >>> it is 6:25 on the clock. here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: thank you, justin. we're looking great. just building volume here on the west side at liberty road causing a slight slowdown as you make your way towards the route 70 interchange. no incidents and maisher dwhra delays working. our only incident is in howard county and ellicott
morning, america, tankers in your pantry. concerns about a chemical found in a number of canned foods that's on gma. that's your money scope report. >> we have 32 degrees right now at 6:23 on the clock. temperatures dropping and jump ahead to this afternoon and overcast. that will look the numbers to 55 downtown. i believe that 50 north and west as we have another disturbance on this cool air. that will give way to showers overnight. nothing heavy to be expected but temperatures near 40. 52 which means we stay in the 40s. may have a snow flake. and flurries. 35 tomorrow night 30 lower north and west. and the thermometer on friday. 61 with sunshine. how about that. can we get out a weekend with dry weather. that's the first time in showing. it emsees like it has been two months. temperatures should be in the 60s. , let's look at traffic now. >> as we have building volume here on the beltway. you will see heavy traffic as you approach the white marsh speeds are down as volume building. and a couple of incidents and 895 and we have a crash reported there east maryland avenue. several blocks a
needed another reason to eat chocolate. >>> coming up on good morning america: more people died from the swine flu than previously thought, but is it any worse than the seasonal flu? that's your moneyscope report, i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist susan shrek. it's on the dreary side this morning. we have wind, rain and chilly conditions. coming out of the southeast and off the ocean. this is what we've gotten so far. since midnight, pretty ample amounts in annapolis. northeast, 42 degrees. wind out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. here's what you can expect today. more light rain, more wind picking up throughout the day. gusts as high as 30 miles an hour. the temperature topping out about 50 degrees. let's check out the roads, here's kim. >> we do have traffic starting to build on the northeast corner of the beltway at harford road. still a pretty smooth ride around towards the outer loop. getting reports of a disabled tyreke on the northbound lanes. most of our incidents are coming in south of the city in anne arundel county. still working a crash in the
a house full of guests. stay tuned to good morning america where you can find the best black friday deals. that's your money scope report. i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> we do expect to have ourselves some sunshine returning. how about that? perhaps a time to put up those lights. we are looking at 52 degrees tomorrow with strong winds prevailing. mid-30s overnight. we are expect something 54 degrees on sunday with more sunshine but then next week rain is possible monday, some showers could linger on tuesday. a larger storm coming out from the gulf of mexico hits us with some heavy rain on wednesday. high 52, lows in the 30s. and as we stay in the 40s on thursday, that rain could be ending with some snow. now, into the first week of december, it becomes a little more commonplace. so snow could be right around the corner. it is 6:24 right now. let's see what's around your corner. here's kim brown. >> reporter: justin, unfortunately i am getting word of several new crashes in the area so here's a quick head as up. southbound 95 at 195 in an arbutus, getting word of an overturned vehicle in the righ
micro expoft the entire computer industry a lift for holidays. >>> k coming up on good morning america, what's next for oprah winfrey on gma after your local news. that's your money report. this morning money scope report brought to you by: >>> now traffic and weather together. >>> the final count down to thanksgiving. wow, where did the whole year go. where did the week go. on friday temperatures up to 60 as the two degree guarantee. the mostly sunny sky but a few clouds to fight off from time to time. 40 overnight and 60 again tomorrow with increasing clouds, a cloudy sunday at 55. and then rain arrives early next week. dry on tuesday and the big travel day, wednesday shouldn't be bad but thanksgiving could be wet. it is 6:25. back to the roads. >> thanks a lot. we have a lot of crashes in the area early to start off your friday commute. here at hartford road traffic is moving nicely ton topside but we have reports on a crash aapproaching frederick road that does block the left lane. that is causing delays back toward route 70. also here at the list of accidents, eastbound route 70 a
and some traditional songs, too. >>> coming up on "good morning america," what is next for oprah? we hear from the one woman who may know her best, her best friend gayle king. that's your "moneyscope report." i'm vinita nair. >>> good morning. 6:23. we have cloudy skies and some wet weather to roll in this afternoon. take that rain jacket with you. you may want to throw a fleece underneath just to keep you from fighting off that northeasterly wind. averaging 10 miles per hour now. could pick up a little this afternoon. as the rain rolls in temperatures will pull back from a midday temperature near 50 into the 40s. showers continue tonight through tomorrow morning. then they break. 55 tomorrow afternoon. then more showers make a return late on wednesday as the big travel ensues across the nation and looks like thursday could be wet at thanksgiving day. and the turkey bowl going in through friday could have wet weather with temperatures sliding back from mid to lower 50s. 49 as we start with partly cloudy skies on saturday. >>> 6:24. let's check the roads with kim. >> we have building volum
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10